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Company Profile

GSSM Company Profile

GSSM™ - Keeping People Safe

Safety has become a central concern. Factors involving rapid pace of change; New and ever increasing threats; Technology constantly changes; safety methods must constantly be renewed and reviewed. Advancing technologies and the rapid pace of change in industry, business and all aspects of our lives means that potential hazards are no longer a by-product, they have become a central concern. And, for those who are charged with the job of protecting others from these ever multiplying hazards, the race to find newer and more comprehensive protective apparel is one that involves constant research and continual review.

The Four Key Pillars:

At Global Safety Solutions & Management, we believe that every piece of apparel we manufacture has to satisfy four key pillars:

Industry Specific - They must be designed with the specific needs of the particular business, industry or service for which they are being created kept constantly in mind.

Technologically Superior - They must be made with materials that are at the forefront of the best technology available.

Competitively Priced - Our products are delivered via internationally competitive production & distribution. Combined high quality materials & components provide durability, superior features & benefits, productivity gains & value.

Future-Proofed - Your people are protected now and into the future with ongoing research, development and product evolution.