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Airtec™ ChemSplash - Overview

Breathable, Chemical Splash Protective Garments (Chemical Protective Clothing)

Airtec™ is a multi-functional, breathable and high-visibility chemical splash protective garment with increased wearer comfort levels.

Airtec™ Garments and coveralls all have taped seams for total and increased chemical penetration resistance.

Airtec Fabric Barrier

airtec breathable chemical splash protective

Airtec™ breathable chemical splash fabric has been tested to ISO-11092 for water vapour resistance. This test is a way of measuring the ability of textile fabrics to transfer body heat and moisture vapour away from the body through protective fabric layers. Measuring water vapour resistance of a chosen fabric is a key way of showing the benefits of wearing garments which can alleviate and reduce potential metabolic heat loss.

(Please note the correct spelling of this product is Airtec™, not Airtech)